Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.


Work. Reflect. Adjust. Experience. PROJECT M’s approach to winemaking is just that simple.   At PROJECT M our pursuit of quality is only limited by the attention we are willing to give the wines.  We give them a lot.

It starts in the vineyard.  We seek out sites with the potential to be exceptional.  We weigh the relative merits of sun, soil, slope and wind. Ultimately the question we ask is; who is doing the farming?  Since PROJECT M strives to decrease the difference between what is and what could be, great sites aren’t enough. We want great farmers too.  This means customized, well-timed and precise hand labor.

Wine is not a naturally occurring phenomenon.  Wine is a transitory state within a natural progression. Human intervention is as much a necessity for wine as grapes.  At PROJECT M we approach that intervention with great reverence.  Intention and rhythm guide our actions and are governed by a discipline that favors inaction when outcomes are uncertain. However, our only ideology is the creation of things of beauty. We strive to create something where each element and variable work in harmony to become whole; more than the sum of its parts.

We are not just artisans; we are a business.  We believe the future demands business models that along with “profit” weigh “people” and “planet” in its definition of success.  We believe working in this way produces experiences, not objects. The sharing of such experiences enriches our lives and creates a better world. We love our customers and work to deliver to them more than just exceptional wines.  We aspire to be a choice available to them that aligns with their values.





The mission of PROJECT M is to enhance our customer’s quality of life.  We create wines that aim to facilitate the shared experience of beauty.  We, through our business practices and philosophy, provide an opportunity for “consumption” to be transformed into a responsible act in line with our core values. 


DEFINE SUCCESS with three bottom lines: PEOPLE and PLANET, in addition to PROFIT.

BE RESILIENT and build it to last. Our wines, our business, our community and the productivity of the land should stand the test of time.

SEEK WIN-WIN OUTCOMES. Be a positive force in relationships.

MAKE THINGS TO BE SHARED.  When something is made with intention, it’s use or consumption becomes an act of sharing.  Sharing, as our parents told us, makes the world a better place.

PURSUE BEAUTY.  Beauty awakens the soul to act.  Action creates change.

BE KIND. Support acts of kindness and justice.