2017 pinot noir

Sourced exclusively from Filament Vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills, 99 Points is picked and spontaneously fermented as a field blend of clones. This diversity results in a wine with tremendous range in flavor and texture. Its inherent complexity is supported by just 33% new French oak. The wine is an exploration of winemaker Jerry Murray’s ideas on structure, place, duality and the creative process. 99 Points is at the same time a statement of the absurdity of “perfection” and a justification of its relentless pursuit.

Wine is more than grapes transmuted by yeast. It results from of the intentional application of ideas by people. With our 2019 Auction wine, 99 Points 2017 Pinot Noir, we honor the human contribution to wine by exploring the ideas held by the winemaker. PROJECT M has been publishing these ideas—99 of them—beginning December 27th in a countdown to the Auction. Follow along at, on Facebook at @projectmwines and @projectmwines on Instagram.

Available exclusively through
willamette: the Pinot Noir auction